Now On Tiktok! - @SurpriseShirts

Now On Tiktok! - @SurpriseShirts

As you may have seen on our other social media channels over the past few weeks, we are now on TikTok! If you are on TikTok, it'll definitely be worth giving us a follow as we'll be doing exclusive giveaways and sharing sneak peeks at new shirts & deliveries on there!

We've already started our 'Shirt of the Week' series which gives an insight into some of the coolest, quirkiest and newest shirts we've got in stock.

We can be found over there at @SurpriseShirts and we'll be collaborating with some other TikTokers soon, so hopefully you recognise them!

Cheers everyone!

Christmas Delivery

We are now past our Christmas Guarantee Date. We can no longer guarantee that any orders placed now will arrive before Christmas, however we will try our best to fulfil as many orders as possible. We thank you for your understanding.