Surprise Shirts - Work Experience!

Surprise Shirts - Work Experience!

This week, the Surprise Shirts team were joined by two local year 10 students, Oscar & Lennon, as a part of their work experience! It was great to show the lads the inner workings of our business & it was great to see them both get so involved!

Here are Lennon's thoughts on his work experience week...


"For work experience, I decided to join Surprise Shirts for a few days. I was nervous at first, as I have no real interest in football. But, as soon as I stepped through the door, I felt welcomed by the work environment and was soon made to feel like part of the business!

I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience. Immediately, we were taught the basics of the process and effort that goes into fulfilling each order. Both Oscar & I, under supervision, tried our hand at the order process which included looking at the customer's location, any previous orders and their specifications, in order to pick the perfect shirt. We enjoyed this, especially because we got to see the variety and uniqueness of the shirts. It was very fun and it was certainly rewarding to see the great customer feedback.

We also looked into the marketing side of the business, taking a look at how the social media pages are run. 

We were really impressed with how Surprise Shirts respond to customer issues and queries (not that there were many!) and how those customers were treated. They left every one of the customers happy and we soon saw why they have a 4.95/5 star rating on

We were exposed to every part of the business, including dealing with their suppliers, who Surprise Shirts made deals with on a daily basis. Surprise Shirts makes deals with lots of football clubs and manufacturers and their dedication to all of their customers motivates them to get the best quality shirts, so all customers will be pleased.

At the end of my work experience, I left with a new appreciation for how business works and how things run on a day to day basis. We were also gifted a football shirt, mine was Terengganu which is very high quality and is one of, if not, my favourite shirt I have ever seen. All in all we enjoyed the work experience and I am inspired to create my own business, when I finish school."

- Lennon


We'd like to thank both Lennon & Oscar, as well as Banovallum school in Horncastle, for making this possible!

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