Brasiliense - Home Shirt 2022/2023


Brasiliense FC is a Brazilian professional football club based in Brasilia. Founded in 2000, Brasiliense was the fastest club in the history of Brazilian football to reach the national first division (Serie A), having done so in only five years after the club’s creation. 

The club is renowned for its somewhat unique logo, which features a cartoon alligator giving a ‘thumbs up’. 

Brasiliense were one of the first clubs to employ a woman as their club president, as Luiza Estevão began the role in 2017. Luiza is a Surprise Shirts monthly subscriber!

This yellow home shirt is currently being worn by the club. The design features Brasiliense’s alligator mascot and also displays the side’s most notable championship victories, on the rear.

Twitter & Instagram: @BrasilienseFC

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