Unia Ciechanowiec - Away Shirt 2021/2022


Unia Ciechanowiec is a football club based in Eastern Poland. The side are a grassroots club from the town of Ciechanowiec, with a population of 5000. The region is known as "The Green Lungs of Poland" due to its abundance of fields & forests. The region’s population are known for their great hospitality & very good cuisine. The club celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2022. In the past 20 years the club have had ups and downs, but have improved steadily since 2019, with a new focus on investing in their youth teams. 

Unia are very proud of their shirt design; which was created by a designer in the Polish Kit League (@PolishKitLeague on Twitter). The shirt is designed to represent the local identity; the patterned stripes on the shirt are representative of folk costumes connected to the region’s history. The hashtag features on the back of the shirt "#SZTYWNIUTKO” roughly translates to "always look on the bright side of life!”

Thanks to Unia for their help in writing this fact sheet! 

Twitter: @Unia1947

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