Uprising FC - Home Shirt 2023/2024


Uprising FC is an Anguillan football club. Founded in 2015, Uprising competes in the Anguilla Football League, the highest division of football in Anguilla; a small British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Like every team in the AFL, Uprising play their matches at Anguilla’s national stadium, the 1,100 capacity Raymond E. Guishard Technical Centre in the country’s capital; The Valley. 

The club has the world’s youngest ‘player president’ in former Anguilla international, Tre Gumbs. Louis Jones, founder of Surprise Shirts, is also the club’s Commercial Director.

This incredible home shirt, sponsored by Surprise Shirts, takes inspiration from one of the most iconic football shirt motifs of all time; the red sash worn by the Peru national team. The shirt however has strong links to Uprising themselves, with a repeating ‘rising up’ arrow pattern as well as the club’s signature light grey home colour. This stunning jersey was designed together by Icarus, Surprise Shirts, Uprising FC and covcept.

Uprising have been wearing this shirt in the AFL campaign this season, where they reached the D-League Final but sadly lost on penalties after a 2-2 draw with Lymers FC. Every single Uprising match in the 2023 & 2024 campaigns will be live-streamed for free, on the YouTube channel AI Live. Check it out!

Twitter: @UprisingFC

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